Elevating brands through
strategy, innovation & design

BUDDE BURKANDT supports companies in exploiting their full potential through design and innovation – well-founded, process-strong and solution-oriented. Tailored to target markets and target groups, we create solutions that are user-centered and effective to build sustainable brand value. The focus of our strategic and creative efforts is to strengthen the brand and build a solid market position.



Development of innovative solutions

The analytical consideration of the current status, the market position and the user experience reveals strengths and weaknesses, shows potential and areas for action. The insights gained flow into new, relevant solutions and targeted strategies for future developments.


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Context centered design

Products, software solutions and services are a tangible contact with the brand. This makes them essential assets of brand equity. Experiences such as interaction, functionality, aesthetics and all other noticeable factors directly shape the user’s brand image. We call the focus on these factors in the development process context centered design – focused on people, the brand and the function.


BUDDE BURKANDT supports companies in innovation and design processes – well-founded, process-strong and solution-oriented. Together with our customers, we analyze current directions and approaches and identify profitable potential for the future. Based on our analytical, strategic and design skills, we plan and carry out external projects or lead in-house teams through development processes.

BUDDE BURKANDT | UX Design | UI Design | Produktdesign | Design Strategie | Innovation
BUDDE BURKANDT | UX Design | UI Design | Produktdesign | Design Strategie | Innovation

BUDDE BURKANDT | UX Design | UI Design | Produktdesign | Design Strategie | Innovation
BUDDE BURKANDT | UX Design | UI Design | Produktdesign | Design Strategie | Innovation

for the future

Our services are based on comprehensive expertise in the areas of strategy, innovation and design – acquired in more than 100 projects for more than 30 international brands – for companies such as: BSH Home Appliances, Cherry, GF Piping Systems, Grundig, Leica Geosystems, Memmert, Nymphenburg Porzellan, Procter and Gamble, Samsung, Siemens, Villeroy & Boch, Vodafone, WMF and more.
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BUDDE BURKANDT DESIGN | Produktdesign | Design Strategie | Innovation

Agency profile

BUDDE BURKANDT was founded in 2009 by Janine Budde and Marco Burkandt. Both previously worked in international agencies and led design teams. With more than 20 years of experience BUDDE BURKANDT supports companies in a targeted, professional and empathetic manner.


Goals of
strategic design

Our focus is on making the values of companies tangible for users. With relatively little effort, a major impact in terms of market size and market shares can be achieved.

    • Process optimization
    • Targeted design strategies
    • Increasing the user experience
    • Differentiated portfolio alignment
    • Innovative further development of functionality

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