User Interface Design for Memmert Water Bath

Memmert has been developing and producing thermal ovens as well as water- and oil baths for a wide range of applications, including the fields of biological, chemical and food research as well as wide-ranging quality tests. In over 190 countries all over the world, hundreds of thousands of Memmert products have been permanently in use for decades. This success is being continued with new developments such as the WTB water bath. The water bath is used for the temperature control of ointments and emulsions as well as warm storage and calibration in the industrial segment.
The new user interface design of the WTB water bath communicates the Memmert brand’s commitment to value and quality in its products. The new graphical user interface conveys all relevant information in a self-explanatory way and offers intuitive, pleasant operation. BUDDE BURKANDT DESIGN was entrusted with the design of the user interface. The design of the product and integration of the user interface into the product architecture were not part of the project.


Memmert UI

Intuitive Use

The user interface of the WTB water bath is designed to be self-explanatory. Easy-to-understand icons convey the functions to the user. Navigation through the menu structure is based on already familiar operating sequences. This allows settings to be made quickly, easily and safely. The customizable CustomView remote view presents the most important information to the user clearly and recognizably at a glance.


Value Of Simplicity

The value of simplicity is a key factor for the success of products and is a central focus for the conception as well as the design of hardware and software. For digital interfaces, simplicity means intuitive, pleasant operation, a clear dialog between people and the system, and a smooth exchange of information. The result is a great user experience that has a positive impact on brand value.


Design Concept

The concept and the design of the GUI put the user in the center and focus on the simple, intuitive and efficient execution of tasks. The goal is to guide the user to their target in a few logical steps. The accessible structure and attractive aesthetics of the interface invite users to operate the water bath. The functions are logically arranged according to their importance for use and marked by colors, different proportions and self-explanatory icons. The design concept builds on elements of existing Memmert interfaces as well as specific brand colors and combines them in a new, contemporary structure.

Memmert UI

Memmert UI
Efficient Implementation

A style guide was created with a focus on using the internal specialists for the implementation of the interface. It includes all screen layouts, icons, typographic as well as graphic elements and defines positions, sizes, proportions, distances and buttons. The style guide acts as a template for implementation as well as a guideline for easy and aligned development of further screens.


Memmert UI
Visualizing Functions

An icon is a reduced, ideally culturally and linguistically neutral representation of an object or state. Both the icon itself and the consistent position of its associated button are important for smooth interaction. A well-functioning user interface uses self-explanatory controls that have a clear message and are clearly structured. Well-designed icons allow functions and commands to be easily recognized and do not need to be learned.


Memmert UI
Digital Prototypes

In order to be able to make the right decisions safely and efficiently in the development process, the design and the operating concept are visualized and further developed in iterative steps. Sketches and graphics of icons, screen layouts and screen elements are used to show the design vision. The interaction steps and navigation structure are reviewed in digital prototypes on a realistic level.


Memmert UI
Brand-relevant Appearance

The digital interface of a product directly influences the brand image. While the brand value is enhanced by a successful and intuitive user experience, brand recognition is strengthened by the creation of a compelling, brand-relevant appearance. The implementation of the corporate design is an important part of the contextual design process, as it coordinates the use of colors, proportion, images, fonts and logos.



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